Jillian awards

National Book Foundation 5 Under 35, 2017

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"...sublimely awkward and hilarious..." - Chicago Tribune
"Jillian is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time." - The Rumpus
"...a frank depiction of modern indecency." - Electric Literature
"A novel that reads like rubbernecking or a junk-food binge..." - Kirkus
"Butler’s aim is perfect..." - Publishers Weekly
"Butler’s prose is unsparing and brutally efficient..." - Heavy Feather
"...a talent for building the sense of claustrophobia that threatens to overwhelm the characters." - Booklist
"...[hit] the nail right in its glaring head..." - Literally, Darling
"...both characters exist within a myopic self-centeredness that Butler nails, pervading her novel with a singular, resounding disquiet." - fields
"Halle Butler’s Jillian is, frankly, frightening..." - Rain Taxi
"Butler is to schadenfreude as Paula Deen is to butter..."
- Books & Whatnot
"...a dark novel delivered in a witty, incisive voice." - Your Impossible Voice
"...sour, funny and, at times, beautiful." - Newcity
"Butler writes like a fly on the wall, recording every strange and hilarious moment of her unsuspecting characters in exacting detail, right down to the sweat of their ass cracks." - Chicago Literati
"...despite the laughs, the book also stings." - CCLaP
"Butler’s characters are awful, hate-able, and sometimes sickeningly relatable..." - Centered on Books